wimbledon-tennis-ballThe Michael Filipek Tennis and Sports Academy is built on several concepts, that when combined provide an environment where participants can excel. From beginners through competitive athletes, our curriculum is designed to maximize each young player’s improvement, understanding and enjoyment.

Quality not Quantity Approach

At MFTSA, we employ a quality not quantity approach to everything we do. This means that emphasis will be placed on understanding and practicing the correct way to play the game. From proper technique to sportsmanship our campers will come away with a deeper understanding of not only the technical aspects of the game but the intangibles as well.

Balance of on Court (Field) and off Court (Field) Training

We limit our on court (on field) training in order to avoid “burnout” and also to make time for video analysis, lectures, physical training, flexibility training, sun protection and hydration – - all of which are necessary to ensure that each young athlete is healthy, improving and inspired.

Sports are complimentary

At our camp whether an athlete is trying to excel at one particular sport or improve steadily across several sports, we know that the skills and training from different sports help to accelerate improvement and develop a more balanced athlete. Playing multiple sports (outside ones main sport) helps not only to develop better physical skills but also helps to break up the routine and keep the player motivated.

Visual Learning

We make it a point to consistently use visual ways of showing our young players how to play the game. Whether through on court demonstrations or slow motion video analysis, our campers will have a clear understanding of all the elements of the sport.

Personal growth through Athletics

In many ways, sports are a microcosm of life itself. Learning to compete, work as a team and deal with adversity are all developed through sports. Hard work, dedication and individual responsibility are all learned as well. Many important skills and qualities developed through sports training can be carried over into business, and relationships made through sports often last a lifetime. At our camp we are passionate about instilling these qualities in our campers.

Positive Reinforcement + Enthusiasm = Inspiration

This is the formula that our staff will employ on a daily basis. Emphasis will always be placed on positive reinforcement; as this is certainly the main fuel that keeps kids inspired and motivated. Also, in order to lead by example our staff will strive to exude the enthusiasm that we hope to receive from our campers.