Q: What does my child need to bring to camp?

A: For Day Camp: Health form, racquets, bag, hat, water bottle, sunblock, wristbands, extra t-shirt.
For Overnight Camp:  All of the above plus: athletic socks, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirt,
off-court clothes, pajamas, bed linens, sleeping bag/blanket, pillow, towels, toiletries,  portable fan, alarm clock, bathing suit, hat, spending money.

For multi sport campers: In addition to the above, please bring cleats, basketball shoes, and shin guards

Q: What are the qualifications of the staff?

A: The Directors of each sport are qualified by multiple years of teaching and playing experience in that sport. The remainder of the staff consists mostly of college players who are qualified by their past teaching and/or playing experience. All technical instruction will come from the Directors, with the staff’s role to conduct drills, games, supervise campers and generally create a safe and fun environment for the campers. All staff members are carefully selected, trained, and most have been with us for multiple years.

Q: What is the staff/camper ratio?

A:  We try to maintain a 4:1 ratio for our tennis program. There are some activities where campers will be working one on one with the staff, and other times when the ratio becomes higher during certain group drills, games or activities. For basketball and soccer programs, the ratio may increase during certain activities.

Q: How are the campers supervised?

A: By Connecticut State law, overnight camps are to maintain a 10:1 camper/staff ratio. Our ratio is lower than that. Every night a Director, Director of First Aid and at least one other staff member will stay in the dorms with the campers. Campers are supervised 24 hours per day, and are not allowed to go anywhere on campus without an accompanying staff member. Only staff has keys to access the dorm building. 

Q: Is lunch provided?

A. Yes.  Campers will be served a complete lunch every day.  With the exception of Fridays (pizza day during our team competition) campers will eat in the dining hall with a choice of several hot entrees, sandwich bar, salad bar, fresh fruit, a variety of drinks, and etcetera.  Our overnight campers will be served three meals per day along with snacks.

Q: How do you group the children?

A: The camp is generally divided by competitive players and non-competitive groups. Those groups are initially formed by the director, but each day can change based upon player performance. Occasionally the director may adjust groups to make them more balanced with consideration for age and / or gender.

Q: Is the camp licensed?

A: Yes.  The MFTSA/adidas Tennis Camp is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Health.

Q: How do I check to see if there are still openings for the weeks I would like to attend?

A: Please call the adidas Tennis Camps office at 800.944.7112 to check availability and to enroll. Space is limited and campers are registered on a first come/first served basis. The fastest way to enroll and ensure a spot for your child is to register online.

Q: My child is a first-time overnight camper. How can I prepare him or her for camp at MFTSA?

A: An important part of the camp experience is the opportunity for your child to explore a world bigger than his/her neighborhood and a chance for you and your child to practice “letting go.” Being at camp facilitates autonomy and a stronger sense of self to make new friends, develop new social skills, learn about teamwork, be creative, and etcetera. A side benefit is that parents will be able to have some time for themselves so that they will feel refreshed when their child returns home.

Talk about your concerns. As the first day of camp approaches, some children experience uneasiness about going away. Encourage your child to talk about these feelings. Communicate confidence in your child’s ability to handle being away from home.

It is important for both parents and campers to be realistic about the camp experience.Camp, like life itself, has high and low points. Not every moment will be filled with fun and excitement. Discuss both the ups and downs your child may experience. Parents should not pressure their child to achieve specific results, keeping in mind that camp is meant to be a healthy and fun learning experience.

Q: What happens when it rains?

A: Choate: from 9-11:15 am, interactive indoor activities will take place including video analysis,physical training, tennis quizzes, player evaluations, etcetera. During lunch (which will be earlier on rain days) a decision will be made as to whether the courts are playable for the afternoon session. If rain persists then campers will be transferred by bus to a local indoor tennis club for afternoon training and will be brought back to campus for 4pm pickup.

Avon Old Farms: during rain all campers will utilize the indoor field house on campus. This area converts to three tennis courts, three basketball or indoor soccer space and can also be used for physical training, video analysis and a variety of other activities. In the case of a full day of rain coinciding with a large number of campers, some or all campers may be transported to a local indoor tennis club by bus. Day campers will be returned to campus for 5pm pickup.

Q: What if my child has special dietary requirements?

A: Campers with special dietary needs can be accommodated. Just contact us well in advance to let us know the specifics. Our dining staff will be happy to store and prepare and food that is not on the menu, however in some instances parents may need to provide this food.

Q: What if my child needs (or may need) to take medication (even over the counter) at camp?

A:For kids that need (or may need) to take ANY type of medication at camp (prescription or over the counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol, Claritin etc) then it is essential that the proper steps are taken and documents prepared PRIOR to check in at camp. These documents include providing signed doctors orders for each medication and a signed parental consent form. Also, the doctor must specify dosage and administration instructions. All medication MUST be in their original containers and must be with the prescription, even over the counter medications. EPI pens must be in their original labeled packaging with signed doctors instructions. NO EXCEPTIONS. All necessary forms will be emailed to parents prior to camp start.